Our Craftsmanship

Craftsman’s work

Each parts is carefully monitored through processes and assiduously assembled by hands of craftsman.

A lighter consists of a number of component parts.

Various moulds are needed to produce all these parts, such as pressing moulds, extracting moulds, casting moulds and engraving moulds, etc. etc. ,it depends on the shape and function of the parts as to decide which moulds to be used.

Pressing moulds are required to form every parts and we have to prepare moulds for every process to produce the parts. To make a die, it starts with shaving and sharpening from a block of steel, then go through the quench hardening process and repeated dimension adjustment. On all the component parts formed through pressing moulds, we use file to polish and to make final adjustment before gathering together for assembling.

Sarome lighters are all hand-assembled one by one with the necessary instrument and the like, which are individually prepared by handmade.

The bar press machine is used for drawing and punching of brass sheets. It is necessary to set a jig for each process. The jigs are reset every time to prevent dimensional errors.

Caulking with a foot press. Parts are put on the preset jig one by one, and the craftsman steps on the foot pedal of the machine. The machine is called Ketobashi (kick) in Japanese, because the craftsman kicks the machine to run it.

Filing. Base metal is filed piece by piece to make the surface completely smooth. Unless the base metal is beautiful, the finished product will not look beautiful even if the plating and base polishing processes are excellent.

The material of a jig is ground with a lathe. The exact dimensions are the life of a jig. It must be made completely flat by a lathe.

Jig annealing

Buffing. The buffing process is provided to buff lighters one by one. A lighter is applied to the rotating buff for polishing

Jig machining with a lathe. Jigs used for presswork are made through many processes, which is really a painstaking job.

The shape of products change through press working. The shape changes through press working and knurling processes. About 1 mm thick sheet is punched with a press. The work goes through the drawing, annealing, and washing processes, and then set on another jig. Considerable time is required to make lighter parts.

Inside the parts of a lighter. The parts are assembled by hand, using special screwdrivers manufactured for assembling.

Screwdrivers must be handled carefully so as not to damage products. In the design stage, the parts are arranged carefully so that the lighter can be disassembled easily for repair.

The tank assembly is inserted. Many other parts must be assembled.

The metallic parts of the burner nozzle. Special jig is manufactured, and the parts are processed one by one.

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