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How to refill fuel

Both lighter fuels, butane gas and petroleum oil are extremely flammable. Perform in well ventilated area and never attempt to refill near heat source, sparks or flame. Be sure ignition system can not be operated.


Before refilling lighter, drain air out of the gas tank by pressing down the inlet valve with a small screw drive or pen. You will hear a hissing sound when air or remaining gas is bled out of the gas tank.

SD1、PSD1 How to refill fuel

SD1、SD6W How to refill fuel

SD7 How to refill fuel

SF12 How to refill fuel


Shake butane gas canister well before injecting butane gas.


Fill with lighter in an upside-down position, Put nozzle tip of butane canister directly on inlet valve opening and press down firmly for 2-3 seconds.

How to refill fuel


Lighter is sufficiently filled when spray back is occurred. A sufficient gas filling will take approximately 2 seconds. To be sure the lighter is fully filled, press down slightly the inlet valve with a small screw driver or pen, and you will see butane gas escape from inlet valve. Repeat Step 1, 2 & 3 if necessary.

Precautions For Butane Gas Filling

Right after refilling, lighter itself is cold which causes erratic flame or misfire. Wait at least 2-3 minutes before attempting to ignite the lighter. This allows butane gas in the lighter reach room temperature.
Right after refilling, wait at least 2-3 minutes to allow enough time for excess butane gas in vicinity to dissipate. Ignite lighter away from face.
Turn adjuster screw or adjuster lever to near (-) low position before attempting to ignite the lighter and carefully adjust flame to desired height. Excessively large flame is dangerous.

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