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No.1 Butane gas is sprayed back while refilling.

The inlet valve of most Sarome butane gas lighters is equipped with an exhaust system for efficient refilling at low temperatures. Therefore, butane spray back will occur when gas tank is full. Read "How to refill fuel" in Support for further details.

No.2 What kind of butane gas I have to use for refilling my Sarome lighter?

We highly recommend you to use Sarome butane gas. Impure butane gas will clog up your lighter and other brands of butane gas with unknown pressures will affect the performance of the lighter.

No.3 What kind of flint stone I have to use?

Always use Sarome flints. These are sized and hardened for optimum performance for use in Sarome flint lighters. Use of other flints with different size and hardness may damage the spark wheel and may require repair.

My lighter has been dropped and it becomes misfire?

A lighter consists of many precision parts and it must be used with the utmost care. When a lighter has been dropped, component parts may damage which causes misfire. Please return for service.

I think my lighter is gas leaking?

When a lighter is dropped or punctured, packing inside gas tank or inlet valve may probably damage and gas leakage is occurred. When lighter makes hissing sound, do not attempt to ignite but return for service.

What should I do when I want to keep lighter un-used for a long time?

If a flint lighter remains un-used for a long time, flint inside will weather to jam spark wheel or will expand to damage other component parts.
If the lighter is not used for a long period of time, it necessarily requires draining butane gas and removing flint stone.

What shall I do with a silver product when it tarnishes?

Gently clean and polish as need with a soft dry cloth
Use good quality silver polish which can be purchased at fine silverware shop
When unused for a long time, the surface of silver and silver-plated lighters will blacken.

Is there any time limit in use for butane gas canister?

There is no specified time limit for butane gas canister. However, metal, rubber and spring parts inside do have a durability limit. Store in a well ventilated area and keep away from oxidizers, heats and flame.

Why every lighter manufacturer uses different size and hardness of flint stone in their lighters?

A flint stone is mechanically connected with the type of spark wheel used in the type of lighter taking into consideration of the hardness, thickness and length. Always use flints that manufacturers recommend.

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