1940 The Sarome founder, Mr. SEGAWA Kunijiro started mechanical press work.
1948 Became a manufacturer mainly for precise toys and cigarette oil lighters.
1952 A Segawa Manufacturing Company established to start operation of manufacturing cigarette lighters.
1954 As the first in Japanese lighter industry, the company was designated as an approved manufacturing plant by permission of Japanese Industrial Standard Committee under License No. JIS 2868.
1955 Commenced production of cigarette butane gas lighters.
1959 Became a specialist for manufacturing cigarette butane gas lighters.
1960 Miyama manufacturing plant was built at 736, Miyama Cho, Funabashi, City to accompany the expansion in production.
1961 Repletion of Sarome brand establishment for sales both in domestic and international markets.
1963 To increase the Sarome brand image in sales both in domestic and international markets, the company name was changed from Segawa Manufacturing Company to Sarome Lighter Co., Ltd..
1963 Developed safe-control butane gas table lighters and wireless battery table lighters, as the pioneer in the lighter industry.
1966 Developed electronic piezo lighters.
1969 Established one-country-one-distributor system as basic policy in international markets.
1969 Developed and produced electronic piezo table lighters.
1972 Affiliated sales office Sarome Lighter (HK) Co., Ltd. was established in Hong Kong. Sarome sales network set up in 73 countries.
1974 Developed battery lighters. Sales commenced.
1978 Developed I.C.(Intergraded Circuit) battery lighters. Sales Commenced.
1980 Licensed with Renoma Paris for design technical cooperation to produce Renoma products for sales distribution in Japan.
1984 A sales department, Sarome Co., Ltd. was founded to develop and sell writing nstrument, accessories etc., besides cigarette lighters.
1986 First in the world succeeded in development of a truly windproof catalyzed jet flame turbo lighter.
1988 Sarome Lighter Co., Ltd. and the sales department Sarome Co., Ltd. were merged to unify development, production and sales strengths for cigarette lighters, writing instruments and accessories.
1992 A joint-venture factory (70% owned by Sarome) named Hualong Sarome Co., Ltd. with Nanjing Armed Force was established in Fuzhou-China to supply the demands for middle class products.
1993 A wholly owned manufacturing plant, Sarome (Fuzhou) Seiki Co., Ltd. was established in the Economic Free-Zone in Mawei, Fuzhou, China.
1994 For product diversification and creation of variety, license of Renoma as previously stated, UP-Renoma,Michiko London, Montana, Carven Paris, Playboy were obtained to develop and distribute on world-wide basis.
2000 Founder of Sarome, Mr. SEGAWA Kunijiro passed away at age of 82.
2008 Re start to production and distribution about SAROME accessory
2011 start to production and distribution USB lighter.
2011 Fuzhou SAROME pass the examination and inspection PSC (lighter). Description of Conformity Certificate based on technical standards of the Consumer Product Safety Law METI specific products.
2017 Headquarter was moved to Yachiyo-city.

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