Product Information

PSD36 Series

As clearly shown in the photos, PSD36 is a slim flint gas cigarette lighter and it was cleverly designed to maintain the basic functions and elegance.

In general speaking, all slim lighters usually have a small gas capacity because of plastic materials being used inside the tank, thus require more thickness on every part to reduce gas capacity. PSD36 succeeded to use brass materials for all tank parts and to deliver dignified appearance of a high-end lighting instrument with a perfect feel and weight.

Contrivance is added to the cap action. You will satisfy when you actually touch the product and feel the “Clicking”.

A wide diamond cut on corner at front even makes this slim lighter more appeal.


PSD36 series

Dimensions(mm) 79 x 16 x 14 mm
Weight(g) 68 grams
Gas capacity 1.7 grams
Number of ignition Approx. 280 times
Type/fuel Flint cigarette lighter / Butane gas


Silver /
3 side latice diamond cut

Light gray /
3 side latice diamond cut

Black matt /
3 side latice diamond cut

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